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Fraser Thompson provide an integrated approach to Career Management and Executive Coaching personally tailored to help individuals direct their careers and develop themselves professionally.

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Career Development

Most people leave jobs because they don't see career opportunities. Organisations have to work harder by offering career progression to attract, grow and retain the key talent they need. We provide tailor made career development solutions to demonstrate that you care about your employees' careers, whilst encouraging a sense of individual ownership.

Everyone deserves to reach their potential yet how many people are given the recognition to consider and set realistic career goals? To control their own destiny in a constantly changing organisational environment, individuals must take charge of their own career direction towards their own definitions of professional success and personal aspiration.

We help your employees gain a better understanding of themselves, identify their motivations and clarify their career goals, against which they take decisions regarding their learning and development plans.

Fraser Thompson design and deliver integrated career development programmes, aligning an individual's capabilities and development plans with your organisation's strategic objectives.

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Marks of Distinction

Human contact
Our service is about people; not 'off the shelf' packages, telephone coaching, impersonal seminars or web based programmes. Fraser Thompson care passionately about people; our goal is to help our clients to become 'match-fit' to compete in the workplace though a personal, intimate service.

Free initial consultation
We focus on the individual, conducting a free initial face to face assessment, recommending the suitability of coaching interventions and rapport with consultant.

Consultants matched to clients
Hand-picked consultants matched to client, assignment, experience and industry sector, if appropriate.

Director accountability
We, the Directors, are personally involved in the design and delivery of the services. Detailed reporting to sponsors of programme used and outcomes. We are in touch with our customers and understand your HR issues.

Guaranteed outcome
Fraser Thompson guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service in achieving your desired outcome. We aim to inspire individuals to achieve their potential.

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Performance Coaching

Ultimately, people want to find meaning in their work. If your managers feel that they are valued and that you care about their careers, they will be motivated to perform and deliver. Providing your manager with a coach is a form of recognition which revitalises them, enhances their performance and commitment to the organisation.

Effective organisations develop agile and energetic leaders with the ability to respond to changing business needs; create and communicate a shared vision, engage and motivate their teams. Coaching will develop your high potential managers by creating the mindset of leadership behaviours whilst giving them the confidence to put these into practice.

Give your people constructive feedback and not only do they learn, develop and perform but they also have a sense of being noticed and valued. Fraser Thompson raise your manager's self-awareness through interviews with colleagues, 360 feedback and a range of appropriate psychometric tools.

Through our focused coaching interventions based on action learning techniques, we help your managers take the initiative, extend the scope of their job and capabilities, pursue ambitious goals and deliver results with impact. We encourage personal reflection and measure the return on investment through evaluation.

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Career Transition Support

Whether a recent graduate on a fast track career to the next job promotion, an individual stuck in a rut, a manager facing redundancy at mid-life or a Director planning for retirement, Fraser Thompson tailor their services to meet individual needs and create new opportunities.

We provide an intimate, supportive face to face service where a client's emotional needs are paramount. We sensitively turn what can be a profoundly disturbing experience into a positive opportunity for a fulfilling future. By reflecting, helping a client to assess themselves and their motivations, we can then move forward.

We re-energise our client by focusing on a plan for a better match to their goals. Motivational support and consultant activity is directed to ensure that our client's marketing strategy achieves their career objectives. Fraser Thompson also offer specialised advice for individuals planning to start their own business, portfolio careers, interim management and retirement planning.

We also help survivors adjust positively to the new demands of organisational change when trusted & valued colleagues have gone.

We develop useful job search skills, networking and interview techniques, providing coaching to improve performance, including preparation for their new role. Career mentoring support for life is offered, free of charge.

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