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Ultimately, people want to find meaning in their work. If your managers feel that they are valued and that you care about their careers, they will be motivated to perform and deliver. Providing your manager with a coach is a form of recognition which revitalises them, enhances their performance and commitment to the organisation.

Effective organisations develop agile and energetic leaders with the ability to respond to changing business needs; create and communicate a shared vision, engage and motivate their teams. Coaching will develop your high potential managers by creating the mindset of leadership behaviours whilst giving them the confidence to put these into practice.

Give your people constructive feedback and not only do they learn, develop and perform but they also have a sense of being noticed and valued. Fraser Thompson raise your manager's self-awareness through interviews with colleagues, 360 feedback and a range of appropriate psychometric tools.

Through our focused coaching interventions based on action learning techniques, we help your managers take the initiative, extend the scope of their job and capabilities, pursue ambitious goals and deliver results with impact. We encourage personal reflection and measure the return on investment through evaluation.

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