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Whether a recent graduate on a fast track career to the next job promotion, an individual stuck in a rut, a manager facing redundancy at mid-life or a Director planning for retirement, Fraser Thompson tailor their services to meet individual needs and create new opportunities.

We provide an intimate, supportive face to face service where a client's emotional needs are paramount. We sensitively turn what can be a profoundly disturbing experience into a positive opportunity for a fulfilling future. By reflecting, helping a client to assess themselves and their motivations, we can then move forward.

We re-energise our client by focusing on a plan for a better match to their goals. Motivational support and consultant activity is directed to ensure that our client's marketing strategy achieves their career objectives. Fraser Thompson also offer specialised advice for individuals planning to start their own business, portfolio careers, interim management and retirement planning.

We also help survivors adjust positively to the new demands of organisational change when trusted & valued colleagues have gone.

We develop useful job search skills, networking and interview techniques, providing coaching to improve performance, including preparation for their new role. Career mentoring support for life is offered, free of charge.

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